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DotComd DotComd
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Forget wax, Forget Polish, It's all about the..

I've owned my current boat for almost 4 years now and have been under the assumption that the finish is just worn out.  I've tried waxes, polishes, space age compounds, and many many hours trying to get it to shine like I wanted it to.  This week I've had a break through.  I've realized that the shine I've been searching for was always inside my boat.  What I mean is that the 12 years of sun damage has been hiding my true finish!  Call me an idiot, unexperienced, novice, whatever...  I never could understand the true nature of the boat and how it existed...  Like I said earlier, I've tried a great many things to get it to shine.  This week, this guy was walking down my dock looking at the brokerage boats and making small comments about them.   I was walking the other way when he asked which boat was mine?  I told him it was the one with all the ineffective polish on it....  He took about a split second to tell me that it looked like I needed rubbing compound!!!  Rubbing compound?  Why would I want to scrape off the last bit of good finish I had on the boat??!!  Well, what we ended up realizing after using his 3M Mechanical Rubbing Compund was that the gorgeous shine I'd been longing for was always on my boat!  It was just hidden under 12 years of oxidation and sun damage.    Within just a few seconds of using his compound the shine appeared!  It was so simple, so easy, so quick!   Faster than anything I'd ever tried. 

If you think of it this way, your boat is made up of many many layers.   All the rubbing compound did was remove the bad layer to expose the good layer underneath!  Of both gelcoat and also of paint (which was faded).   The boat after 3-4 years of ownership now looks like a brand new boat!!!  I'm stunned and soo satisfied with the results.  I still need to do the back of the boat and will do that soon.  But for now the Krazy Klean does a good job to make it white.  Just not shiny.  Maybe I'll have a chance to do it in the morning before the wife and kids get up.

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kernsypoo kernsypoo
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Forget wax, Forget Polish, It's all about the..

WOW! that is exciting news! thanks so much for sharing!

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