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Steve201 Steve201
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Bayliner 340 Ciera sunbridge

 guess I'll talk about the 2008 bayliner 340 Ciera sunbridge.

we've been boating seriously for about 10 yrs and started out with a 2455 Ciera sunbridge. nice enough boat for a starter but danged difficult to dock in any kind of wind or current...it would spin in a new york minute...

then we moved up to a Maxum 2700SCR...we got a good deal on this one concidering it was an engineering model....it was equipted with tons of extra's...6.2ltr mpi with b3 drive....4.5 kva genny...ac/heat...winch...built in gps system...it was really a great boat and would take us anywhere in the puget sound...she was easy to drive and really an awesome boat..but with 2 dogs and us...it was tough to move around with a 9.5ft beam...

so..we started looking for a bigger boat...we looked at 4winns....searay.....maxum's...you name it....we almost went with a deal at a boat show for a used 360 searay..but it wasn't a real deal per se.....just then the bottom fell out of the industry and boating prices dropped like a stone....after about 6 mos and very frustrated at the types of boats we were looking at in the used market...my wife decided to call our good friend Mac of lake union searay in bellingham wa....he tells her he's got a really nice boat that might fit our needs.....he tells us to let him get it up to bellingham..it's presently stored in a warehouse and he'll give us a call later in the week with numbers...

well...bout later in the week Mac gives us a call and tells us the numbers for the boat is 189k..(way out of our budget)...the good news is 50k is taken right off the top cuz it's a 1 yr old boat..(note..it had 1.3hrs on each engine when we got to the marina).....plus a factory incentive of 24k...then there was our trade in....valued at 32k(not what I was looking to get but sometimes you deal some at the top to get some off the bottom..or visa versa)...anyway...we get up that weekend to bellingham and the marina....

The 340 is already in the water and both engines are idling...smooth as a sewing machine...the crew is finishing off wiping the boat down and getting things running on the boat....she's gorgeous....black and white (we vowed we'd never own a black and white boat)...but this one we fell in love with.....she's long...35 ft...11.5 ft beam....roomy as hell....the crew takes us out and the only thing I can find is that there is a slight leak from the head and the throttles are completely out of adjustment and stiff....she has twin 5.7mpi engines and b3 seacore drives....

we take her out for seatrails and before we know it we're up on plane and running with huge grins all over our faces...the wife and I are just completely taken on how she handles ....we hit about 40mph and run over wakes left and right....the boat just goes bump and we're done......she didn't even feel anything we tossed at her.....when I go out on a seatrail..I like to take some wakes to see how they will take the bumps...how she takes water over the bow or across the beam....how the trottles respond..how the engines respond to throttle inputs....how the drives react to trimming...I don't like to push the speed of the engines until she's properly broken in....

once we got back from seatrails....the wife and I couldn't get the smile off our faces as we signed the papers and the sales crews paced nervously ....we get the manuals for every system and shake hands with Mac and the store manager....

the wife and I stop at a local boat shop and pick up 2 fenders for our new boat..and then go for a well deserved lunch at anthony's on the bay in bellingham....completely shocked we got such a great deal on a brand new boat....

so far the 340 has been spectacular....we had an issue with the bellows leaking in both drives ..thus requiring both to be replaced at Bayliners expense...now we're all set to go for many yrs of great boating with a wonderfully spacious boat...

so far about the only thing I've needed to do is add a tv in the midberth and some minor repairs....but overall the boat has been absolutly amazing and comfortable....and fast....did I mention how fast she is capable of???...the sales crew told me 50 mph...I didn't believe them....last time I was out alone..I decided to see what she was capable of while heading up river...there wasn't any wind...water was flat and the current was calm.....I hit the throttles and instantly jumped up to about 40mph......then as she planed out (well below 40)...the speed of the boat started increasing quickly...hit 45mph rounding the bend....48mph as I was running out of river before hitting the no wake zone....and I hadn't even started trimming the drives up ...at 4900rpm...I was running at 48mph....yep..she'd hit 50 mph with no sweat.....




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DotComd DotComd
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Bayliner 340 Ciera sunbridge

That is one smooth looking boat!

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