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Over the past 30 years we have been designing and building boats that truly are a testament to quality. We have never believed that performance is, in itself, the total package, but rather one attribute among others that comprise a truly exceptional boat. Smooth ride, high-quality construction, luxurious amenities, and true handling are factored into every boat we build. This attention to detail allows us to create boats that emanate performance, comfort, space and luxury. Whether you examine a cuddy cabin, big bow rider or a big bow rider with mid-cuddy, you will be quickly struck by the styling, space and features of every model in the Envision line. Discover that there is no substitute for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and sheer, unbridled passion. At Envision, we want to build your boat… a boat that really is the total package.

Tom Prince–President


 Beginning with the introduction of the 32’ Illusion in 1991, Envision Boats has focused on quality and innovation. The Illusion, with a newly designed hull and deck by Mr. Bill Felt, President of Envision Boats and Derick Espeut, naval architect, was designed to offer a ride and amenities unique to the sport boat market. When developing this new brand, Mr. Felt brought with him years of experience in the boating industry. He and his wife, Gen, had been the founders and owners of Mach 1 Boats and had also worked for Sea Star Boats. Mr. Chick Powell, also of Mach 1 Boats, joined to form the partnership on the Envision line. Together they set out to create a boat brand built on quality, ride, and performance.
    After the introduction of the 32’ Illusion, Envision began developing other sizes and features which included a 26’, 29’, and additional 32’ models. All Envision boats were designed to deliver a smooth ride and solid performance. These attributes were further defined with the introduction in 1993 of the 29’ Combo, a bow rider with a mid cuddy cabin. As a result of their continued efforts to improve the selection available in the industry and as a testament to their innovation of the brand, Mrs. Genevieve Felt was awarded the Betty Cook Memorial Lifetime Achievement award by the International Women in Boating and Boating Magazine
in 1996.

    In 1996 the company expanded by adding Thomas Prince as a partner. Work began to develop a new 36’ model which would feature a larger seating area than previously offered on any sport boat available. This developmental work grew to become the 36’ Legacy, named as tribute to Bill Felt and his efforts in developing the company after his passing
in 1997.

    Envision has continued to grow the brand and the boats offered. The owners of Envision have remained determined to introduce boats which appeal to the boater’s sense of performance, smooth ride, comfort, and family. The Envision line has introduced 14 models which can accommodate friends and family and still offer superior performance. In 2002, Envision introduced the 36’ Legacy ESP, which is the largest bow rider with mid cuddy cabin built in America. This new model continues the tradition of offering a sport boat which features attributes appealing to all members of the family.

    The history of Envision Boats is rich in developing innovative products which boaters enjoy. Bow riders with mid cuddy cabins since 1993, circular settee cabin seating since 1991, Unique cleats incorporated in the hand rails since 1991, all hand-laid hulls and decks since 1991, wraparound cockpit seating on a performance hull since 1998, to name a few. With over 60 years of combined boating knowledge and training, Envision continues to expand its brand with innovative boats that make boating a pleasure.

Building Materials

1. Hull glassed to deck after bond
2. Non-skid surface on floor
3. 3/4'" plywood glassed to floor for proper seat support
4. Balance of floor supported by balsa core and glass
5. All spaces foam filled for safety and quiet
6. Vari-Bond Putty bonds deck floor to hull
7. 1-1/2" plywood stringers encapsulated and bonded
    to hull with 3 layers of Combo Glass
8. All 4 strakes filled with Vari-Bond Putty for
    additional strength

Building Process

At Envision, we begin with our modern facility to craft each Envision Boat. This process begins when we prepare each mold for use and carefully lay up the hull and deck. All hand-laid fiberglass is used, and each boat is developed for a smooth, quiet ride. No balsa core is used in the hull, and only specially selected marine ply is used for stringers, fully enclosed in glass for additional support. The boat is then finished with those amenities you have selected to compliment your boating lifestyle. From the initial stages of construction through finishing, each boat is examined and checked to ensure it is ready to deliver on our commitment to quality.


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