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A Boaters Paradise... A Website For, By and About Boaters and THEIR Boats

It's now the year 2011 and finally someone has gotten the itch to build a website that is for boaters, by boaters, about boaters and their boats!  Now you almost might not know it but this website is actually in it's 10th year!  The idea originally came about in the summer of 1999 but wasn't originally built and launched until over the summer of 2001. 

The idea has always been to provide the best possible experience for all boaters free of charge.  Over the past 10 years it has grown into a boaters paradise!  Today it has just about every popular feature a boater would want in a single environment for all to enjoy. 

One of it's most popular features is the photo gallery.  The pictures are all submitted by real people like you and me.  Boaters!  Go fast high performance boaters, weekend warriors, party barges, fat cruisers and more.  It's not about just what the boat manufacturers and dealers want you to see.  It's about the water sports we love, the boats we love blowing the air through our hair, and sharing what we love and appreciate most about our boats.  It's really an addiction of sorts.  It's not an unhealthy addiction but rather a hobby or passion that binds us together as a boating community.   In our photo galleries we want our members to feel comfortable to share all their boating pictures from virtually every step of their boating experience.  It's not just about the buying and selling process.  It starts with the buying process and everything in between to even after the selling process.  Each member is able to have their own private photo albums as well as to see their pictures in the 500 newest pictures list as well as the Most Viewed Pictures Lists. 

Everyone has the options to control what kinds of people can view their pictures by Access Level, NC Rating, by either individual picture or by complete Photo Albums as a whole.  Once the entire set of pictures have been uploaded, you can set a title, keywords, description, and change the Access Level and NC Rating of only that picture.  Rotate your pictures Left, Right or write an additional comment after the description.  You can also email your pictures to anyone by typing in their email address and writing a quick not to be included with the photo as it's sent.   

"My Favorite PhotosMy Favorite Photos" Next to or above each picture in the site you will see a small heart.  Click it and the site adds that picture to your own favorite pictures list.  Even if it was someone else's picture.  This way you don't have to search out your favorite pictures every time you come back to the site.

The best part about the photo albums is that we have given our members the ability to upload up to either 1000 pictures at a time or up to 1 gigabyte worth of selected pictures!   And if you have more, just click the browse button again and select more pictures.  All pictures are automatically resized before they have even left your computer therefore sparing your bandwidth and our server performance.  We save them, create a thumbnail picture, and log them into your album with the current album settings.  If you have private pictures you want to add to an existing album, set the permissions to the way you want them and those uploaded photos will reflect those new permission settings. 

Our members are able to use their pictures which posting in our member forums but once posted there are not protected by any access restrictions as they are in the photo albums.  So we simply ask that people use their best judgement when posting their pictures in other parts of the site. 

The thing about our photo albums which makes them even more important is our classified ads.  For each and every boat or boating product or service offered within the site, a main picture is first selected when the main information about the item is posted.  Once the essential ad information is saved you can then attach any existing photo album to any single classified ad in your inventory list.  Now you have a single ad with as many pictures as you want to post.  People can find your pictures in the 500 newest photos pages, most popular photos, other peoples favorites, in your photo albums, in the photo albums list, and even from the VIDEO player!

Yes!!!  I said video!  We have our own built in video system!  Upload any video up to 150 mb in size and attach it to your photo albums or also to your classified ads!  There is no limit to the number of videos which can be attached to a single classifieds ad.  But don't stop there!  Upload and share videos you take while out tubing, water skiing, and at your dock and on water parties!  In the winter, when us northerners like me from the Chicago area are land stricken and cannot use our boats year around as those in the southern states. 

As I've said before, the entire site is about EVERYTHING boating!  I want to see it all! 

Created: 03/23/2011
Description: A Spring 2011 Press release recapping 10 years of HotBoatDeals.com progress.

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