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Date:12/20/2008 Time: 12:37:00 AM      

I've been watching this show on TRU tv which comes on once or twice a week and get's saved to my DVR player.  It's amazing to see how many people go out boating without a designated driver with them.  These college kids that go out there are drinking all day and then getting pulled over not for driving the boat in some stupid way but rather for someone transom riding, or hanging off the front of the boat or simply having too many people on the boat while it's underway. 

Some of these jokers think that by not submitting to the breathalyzer test that they can beat the sheriff at their own game.  If they refuse, they are just taken to jail where the cops will take a blood sample and detain them during the whole process. 

Last night the show I saw had the cops get a boat which had a transom rider, the driver blew a .223.  He had a girl in the boat which said that she was a professional drinker and blew a .337.  Luckily they had a girl on the boat which was under the legal limit and given permission to drive the boat back.  However later, the same girl that blew the .337 was seen by the sheriff and arrested for BUI. 

Now from what I know of it a BUI is a $2500 fine and can affect your driving record if you get a DUI because it will show up as a prior offense.  So it can screw you not to mention the $$$$ for the fine. 

This summer, I've found a solution to the whole problem!  Near Beer!  NON ALCOHOLIC BEER!  You still feel like a part of the party, and you don't get drunk!  This actually makes me pretty curios as to how much of it I can drink and still be under the legal limit.  So what I've done is purchase a breathalyzer tester which looks like it'll be pretty accurate.  I'm going to run to control tests on a couple of different days/weekends.  I'm going to test myself after drinking each beer to see what the results are.  Both for drinking real beer and the NON alcoholic beer. 

I'll let  you know the results as well as the quality of the Breathalyzer Tester.

Date:12/20/2008 Time: 12:37:30 AM      

Date:09/18/2008 Time: 03:32:16 PM


Ok, so I bought the breathalyzer.  It was only $80 bucks for one that came with 5 mouthpieces and has a 4 digit readout on it.  I've used it several times after going out with the guys for a drink.  I've been very surprised at how few drinks it takes to get myself over the legal limits.  Reason I saw limits is that for me, my legal limit is .04 since I have a CDL license.  If I had a normal drivers license with a D endorsement it'd be .08 like most people know. 

Since getting the tester, I've tried a few different things.   Beer with food, without, and non alcoholic a bunch of different ways the results are pretty surprising.  Obviously the slower you drink the longer it takes to get drunk.  And the amount of time you wait after a drink also changes the result as well.  The instructions say to wait 20 minutes or so to get an accurate reading.  However if I do that, it'll take longer to get some real data.  So for my tests I would test myself right after a drink. 

This test chart below was having bud light, and miller high life light and testing myself pretty much right after each drink over a 3 hour period. 

Kind of Beer Can / Bottle OZ. Test Reading Time
Bud Light Can   12


Bud Light Can   12 0.077   6:55pm 
Bud Light can 12 0.097    7:17pm
Bud Light can

Date:12/20/2008 Time: 12:41:46 PM      

I was at my local Moose Lodge a few weeks ago and it wasn't bucket beer night.  So it was pitchers only from the tap or buying expensive bottle beer.  So I started off with a pitcher of Miller Lite.  After that the bar upstairs closed down and I couldn't get anymore of that.  So downstairs at the normal bar I found that they had milwaukees best, Labatts, and something called Octoberfest.  The octoberfest beer was what I chose.  It was a dark german beer which was ok to drink but Messed me up silly!  After sharing that pitcher with a friend, I had a glass or two of Labatts which went down much easier than the Octoberfest.  It wasn't really all that late but I figured I better get home before I drank too much more. 

I had no idea how much that Octoberfest messed me up.  When I got back to my car, I used my Breathalyzer to see what my BAC was and it was a .171!!!!  So I started the car and went to sleep in my in laws driveway since that's where my car was parked already.  About an hour later, my Father in law was knocking at my window telling me to shut off the car and just come in the house instead of sleeping in the car.  I said ok, and went in.  But I figured only for a little while.  Well, it was morning at about 8:00am and I finally woke up and went back to my car.  I blew again because I felt a little hung over.  I still blew a .06 by that time.  Man that german stuff really knocked me silly.  I'm just glad I had the breathalyzer!  If I didn't have it I probably would have just driven home.  But being able to see how drunk I really was gave me the chance to sleep it off instead of putting myself and others at risk by driving. 

The next morning when I walked in the bedroom, my wife was saying she was starting to question whether I'd ever come home.  I told her thanks to the Breathalyzer, I decided to play it safe.

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