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Date:12/20/2008 Time: 11:52:31 AM      

It's been a wierd winter so far.  It's been almost two months since I saw my boat.  First we had thanksgiving to get ready for, then after that a close cousin died in a freak car accident, then we had the funeral to deal with, and now it's almost Christmas.  Before I know it the new season will be upon us.  As I prepare the website for organizing Boasty, I am just about going crazy with things to do, kids to take care of, and computer work to do. 

Comment From: PopeyeTheSailorMan

Hey, If I were you, I'd go see my boat.  Screw the work go hug your baby...

Date:12/20/2008 Time: 12:02:40 PM      

With kids to take care of, and family coming over, and my wife continuously going out xmas shopping, I just don't know when or if it will happen.  I may just have to steal away some time to go and see her.  I miss her so much!

Date:02/05/2009 Time: 08:56:19 PM      

It's the beginning of February 5th 2009 and I haven't seen my boat now since November 3rd or something like that.  It's been a tough winter economically.  I've started a new Non Profit organization called BOASTY which stands for Boaters of America Say Thank You.  We are working to get boaters all over the country to take active duty soldiers and veterans out on their boats for a day as a great way to say thank you for their military service.  So far I've got the support of some very good people and every day the list and support grows. 

Every time someone comes up with an objection to how it works, what it does, we overcome just as the military does.  "Adapt and Overcome"  That's one of the things which I remember most about my time in the ARMY. 

Right now, as I work to pay the bills to keep my creditors happy or rather at bay, I'm thinking that I may only get a month of use out of my boat this year.  I'm thinking that I'll put it in only for the boasty event, and then finances willing, I'll maybe use it a few more weeks.  Then put it back into storage for another year.  I don't want to give it up or lose it.  But at this point, I'm just happy to say it's still mine.  Well, Mine and the bank...

Date:02/05/2009 Time: 08:57:03 PM      

For those who want to know about the boating event, it's www.BOASTY.org

Date:03/29/2009 Time: 01:26:25 PM      

It's Sunday March 29th and I find myself again anxious to get the boat in the water for another summer of fun.   Business is getting better, things are picking up, and the customers which seemed hidden over the winter are now coming out of their shells.   With that, I'm feeling good that we'll be able to go out  and use it with fuel prices being lower and all.

All winter long I only saw the boat once.  I couldn't even touch it because it was behind a fence.  So it's going to be nice being close to her again.

Date:04/22/2009 Time: 10:40:06 AM      

If you told me that on April 22nd 2009 that my boat would still not be in the water I'd have told you that you're crazy!  I figured that my boat would have been in by the 15th even.  But I still don't have a plan on what day it's going in the water.  Yes it is going to go in, I just don't know exactly when.  I'm hoping by early may it'll be in the water. 

There is a laundry list of things I've been wanting to do with the boat before it can go in though.  Canvas, Eisenglass, stern thruster, wax or rather polish below the rub rail, polish above the rail, mount my fenders on the dock, and continue to organize BOASTY. 

Which shall I do first?

Date:04/25/2009 Time: 02:04:34 PM      

It's the 25th of April, I'm in Kenosha, and waiting for the clouds/rain to pass so that I can start removing the shrink wrap from my boat so I can start polishing below the rub rail...  Kind of a gloomy day, but I don't care.  Today I get to see my boat and maybe even go inside to check things out.  I'm sitting in a wifi hotspot in downtown kenosha called Trolley Dogs.  It's a hot dog and others resturant which the kids love to come to.  They have a trolley that runs around a track close to the ceiling. 

Call me crazy but I miss this town even enough to come here without the sun being out.  I'm ready for the season to begin!

Date:12/31/2010 Time: 03:34:46 PM      

Again it's winter and I haven't seen my boat in nearly 2 months.  This time however I'm in a battle with my insurance company to cover a loss to it that I had this past summer.  The insurance company wants me to do about $8,000 worth of investigatory work to decide if they want to cover the loss.  I could replace the broken parts for just a couple thousand more than that!!!  At this rate I might as well not even have insurance pay for it for me!!!  Cause if I do, the the insurance will certainly go up!  Why again am I paying for insurance???

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