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Date Created: 12/28/2007 Hits:


Here is a compilation of all the videos and a few pictures from our first weekend on the new boat. We started out in Kenosha Wisconsin. The background music is Beautiful Day by U2 going through a few of the movies we took. This is my first published movie that was edited and put all together. Sorry for how crude this one is. Hopefully my skills will get better!

Hi, I'm the "Dotcomd Guy and Family.

If you don't know me already the first thing I'll tell you is that I'm an avid Boater! To me, there is no line of boats which give such value, space, satisfaction of ownership, and true enjoyment in boating. I'll be surprised when someday I am able to buy another boat which gives as much bang for the buck as my Bayliner has. For those who don't understand, I hate walking into the salon of a boat looking to see how they have or have not utilized the space inside. Most all manufacturers seem to leave a chunk of space somewhere in the back (aft). This big waste of space I speak of is at the bottom of the steps underneath or behind the stairs. On most boats (other than bayliner) there is a pocket of wasted space behind the steps and the bathroom (if located aft). It's shown most on the layouts of boat brochures and just sort of blocked off... What gives? What is in there? Why don't they use it???? "I Love Bayliner"!



The pictures shown below at the bottom of the page are from a trip I took with my family to Grand Haven Michigan for Coast Guard Festival 2007. It is a week long event which includes festivals, fireworks shows, and tons of the great boating public. On lake Michigan you will be hard pressed to find another event which attracts as many boaters.

My first boat was a 16' Imperial Trihull with a 70 hp Johnson outboard. It was a slow boat but my college buddies and I had tons of fun with this boat. I had it for 3 great years. I can't seem to find any pictures of it.

My next boat was a Johnson 16 which never saw water while I had it. It was a total piece of junk which was basically garbage when I got it. Not a very good boat.  However, I think in it's day it could have been fun.  It's just that I got this from an employer who wanted it off his property.  The most  valueable thing about it was it's trailer.  I finally ended up putting it out in front of the house with a $200 sign on it or best offer.  I think I got $150 for it.  I was glad to see it go.  After that boat, I forgot about boating for a while...

The next boat was a Plymouth 18 foot Catamaran sailboat. I used it a few times and gave up on it shortly thereafter. One time when I used it, I relied on a buddy to secure the forestay and just after a few wiggles of the mast it came crashing down with him between the guy wires and the mast. It could have taken his head off. I put it back up and secured it myself and did a little bit of sailing that day before calling it quits. The next day, I sailed it south on lake Michigan towards evanston where we came about and almost tipped over. The right side pntoon had filled with water from a hairline crack near the daggerboard. When we got it back to Lloyd beach in Winnetka, it took nearly 20 hours to drain the water from the back of the pontoon. Never used it again. I sold it on Hot Sailboat Deals for a Buck just to get rid of it.

Up next was my 1984 Starcraft CSS181. This was a great boat! It was modeled after the Glastron Carlson boats made famous by the James Bond movies from the 70's. I bought it for $1250 from a guy who let it just sit in the rain after the water impeller ate itself one day on the lake. He then bought a pontoon boat and forgot about it. Anyway, the CSS181 was in fact a single model year or so I think that was designed for Starcraft by the legendary Art Carlson. It too had the same kinds of lines as the earlier Glastron Carlson boats. However as a Starcraft, it was an open bow.

I restored the boat as best I could and got another 3 years use out of it before selling it for $2900 after buying my first Bayliner!

< /p>

A 1996 Bayliner 2855 which gave us 2 great years of enjoyment! Wow what bang for the buck!!! That was a great boat!!! We love it so much that we moved up to a 1998 Bayliner Avanti 4085! Even better! I'll explain later in some other pages if you want to hear about it.  This is to show how fast edits are.

I hope you enjoy reading about my boating experiences...

Here's my boat sitting at a dock at a yacht club we stopped at for lunch just inside of the Muskegan harbor entrance.

 Here you can see my boat parked against the seawall next to my buddies sedan bridge 3988 Bayliner.  Aren't Bayliners Nice?

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