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Welcome to the Hot Boat Deals Photo Gallery

This photo gallery system was created so that our members could post online their own pictures and organize them into Albums. Each picture can have it's own security settings to control who can see your pictures. Your pictures can also each have it's own title and description to help allow people to search for your pictures using the search form at the top center of every page.

Just For Fun

2022 Boating season at East Chicago Marina

Here are my pictures from the

2021 Boating season at ECM

This is the boat pics for the 2021 boating season.

2020 boat season at ecm

2020 boat season pics

2019 Boat season back at East Chicago Marina

2019 Boat season back at East Chicago Marina. This was my first year back at the old harbor with the all new tile floating docks. I can't tell you how much I love these docks! No splinters, washes off easily, if we need access to the structure underneath, we just pry one up! Love it!

Boat Pictures from the 2018 season at Fay's Point

Boat Pictures from the 2018 season at Fay's Point and to and from the lake and Chicago.

2017 Boat pictures in and around Chicago and Hammond Marina

These are my pictures from the 2017 boating season. I was moored in Hammond and took a few trips to Chicago.

2016 Boat Pictures

These are my pictures from my phone in 2016 on Lake Michigan.

Glastron River Blast

2014 Pictures

These are my pictures from 2014. It's been a great year so far and it's not over yet!!!

2013 DotComd Guy Boat Rides

These are all the pictures from my phone. Since having such a high megapixel phone, I never carry my normal camera with me. So I haven't uploaded many pictures this year. But in any case, these are from all my trips, parties, dock parties etc...

2012 Chicago Air and Water Show

Here are my pictures from the 2012 Chicago Air and Water show. We arrived at about 1:30 on Friday - the 2nd practice day right at the very end to see the Blue Angels perform. We also went out to check out the big Number 45 Navy ship that was anchored off shore about a mile. Wow! It's pretty cool seeing something like that in Chicago!

Out with Friends Boating in Chicago

Took the boat out for an extended weekend after receiving some great news! Went downtown, hung out with some friends, had some great Chicago pizza, and tried out the new 31st Street Marina - WOW what a place!!!

Surreal Chicago Ladies Photo shoot Pics

Summer 2011

Here are the ladies pictures from our photoshoots to pick the season's best pictures.

OK, I just love my boat!

Ok, I just love my boat... I'm a bit of a psycho about it. I think it's a bad ass looking boat and I love looking at it. Normally there are other boats parked around it but I'm one of the last two boats in the marina and I thought I'd take advantage of that fact.

10-2-11 crusin the little cal sag

Spent Saturday night on the boatand on Sunday Went to papi Chulos to watch the Bears game. Then went for a cruise on the Little Cal Sag.

Sunday July 31st in Chicago

Sunday was a family day... I took my sister and a friend out on the lake for a little putting around. We headed straight out into the lake from Montrose Harbor, South towards the central water intake and then into the playpen for some swim time. However this was not the plan. I was heading south early in the day to go to beer can beach next to hammond when I heard from my sister.

River Trip with Dave and Bugs

Here's a river trip that I took with Dave and Bugs. I had also misplaced these because I gave this SD card to my wife to use in her camera at some point before actually getting to upload them. Then she couldn't access the files so I had to access them via my computer. Luckily my computer worked! here they are!

Amazing Stripped Icebergs in Lake Michigan

Iceberg Striations

Amazing striped icebergs in Lake Michigan sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions. Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form. When an iceberg falls into the lake, a layer of water can freeze to the underside. If this is rich in algae, it can form a green stripe. Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the lake.

4th of July out with friends on the boat.

Fourth of July in Chicago and going back to my lowly marina back on the Calumet / Saginaw River. It's cheap but I love it. I can go in as a transient, meet new people, make new deals, find customers, make new friends, and still have a fantastic time! Saw friends I hadn't seen in 20 years, met and made some new friends, saw some friends twins and wound up with the long end of the stick! Great weekend, great friends, great time on the water, and even though the destination is not the greatest, my guests from the weekend missed out on the best part.... The trip back to the marina.... Now, time to replace the "House" battery... BTW, there are tons of videos that you normally wouldn't see... Enjoy...

July 3rd 2010 Out with some friends in Chicago

I spent the day with some friends on the boat in Chicago. Had a blast, took boat rides, drove through other marina's hung out in the playpen, made some new friends, learned a few things and had an absolute blast!

2009 Fall Shrink Wrap Project

I went up to the boat yesterday to shrinkwrap it. We only got as far as the sides shrunk. The top was going to have to wait till tomorrow. However I came back the next day only to find that it was raining. I asked Joe the onsite expert about shrinking in the rain only to find that if i had tried it, I'd have ruined the PVC. He said I'd wind up with tons of holes in the top and also run the risk of it catching fire. At least for now it's covered to protect it from the weather. I just hope we don't have any typical windy days up there between now and then.

End of the year 2005

This was the end of the year 2005 when we brought home our Bayliner 2855 ST for the winter. This is me taking it from the marina, to pulling it out, to pressure washing it, to acid washing it, to tarping it for the winter and pics on Thanksgiving Day 2005.

Jodies Cruzer

Labor Day weekend 2008 just off the coast of Kenosha Wisconsin.

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