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Welcome to the Hot Boat Deals Photo Gallery

This photo gallery system was created so that our members could post online their own pictures and organize them into Albums. Each picture can have it's own security settings to control who can see your pictures. Your pictures can also each have it's own title and description to help allow people to search for your pictures using the search form at the top center of every page.

39 Photo Galleries

Trips & Travel

2015 Boating Pictures in Chicago on Lake Michigan

Here are my pictures from 2015 boating in Chicago and around the southern portion of lake michigan.

Ft. Myers Beach Florida 2015 Boat Trip

Here are pictures from my annual boat ride with my wife's step uncle.. I think, anyway, Tom is great to me in that every year before I get to start my own boating season I get a day out on his Four Winns 240 Cruiser.

Red Bull Flug Tag Chicago trip

Friday night I got off and went straight to the boat to take it up the river to do the Red Bull Flug Tag event. I've wanted to do this for years. We traveled 5 hours by river to see this knowing full well that the lake might be kicked up a bit too much for the event. The weather report called for 6-9 footers on the lake. We went anyway... Saw a run in Chicago and had a great river cruise in both directions and only burned about 20 gallons of diesel...

Little Loop trip June 23-24 2012 Pics in Chicago

No set schedule, I went to Chicago for the night and saw a reggae band on Saturday night, the Chicago Womens 5k run, great sights and gorgeous weather.

2012 Memorial Day Weekend on the Boat

I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do this weekend. I ended up working on the boat all day Saturday and never left the marina. On Sunday I drove to Chicago, had dinner with my family, and drove back at dusk.

Short trip to Beer Can Beach

I went on a short trip this weekend with some new friends out to the lake and over to Beer Can Beach which is right next to Hammond Marina. We didn't even get there till 4:30 pm on Saturday. Since it was such a nice hot weekend, and we wanted to get the party on, we ended up pulling into hammond for diesel, "closed", so we spent the night in a slip to check out the casino and hang with some friends from the temulac boat club. For those who don't know, that's calumet spelled backwards. Anyway, these pictures were from the way back when our trip was halted by a huge ship in the river...

Trip to Chicago to see Sunken Boats in Monroe Harbor from 25 ft waves

This is my latest trip to chicago in which we went to view the boats that had sunk from the 25 foot waves that were out in the lake and close to chicago.

Extended Boating Season on the river

I'm really enjoying boating on the river. It allows for a much extended boating season. Today it was over 80 degrees. That was almost hotter than most of the days in all of September.

Canoe Trip on the Black River

Canoe Trip on the Black river

Out Boating on the 10 Year Hot Boat Deals Anniversary

I took the boat out with a few new friends to Chicago on the 10 Year anniversary of HotBoatDeals.com. Yes, just ten short years ago when our country was attacked on 9/11/2001.

2011 Chicago Air and Water Show

Here are our pictures from the Chicago Air and Water Show. We started out in Montrose Harbor and ended up just about right where we started. There were too many idiots out on the lake tearing past other boats and kicking up too much of a wake. My son was turning white as a sheet so we headed back towards safer waters and simply did the rest of the day back on the wall at Montrose. Fun times!

Chicago's new 31st street marina buildout progress

Very early Sunday July 31st 2011 I was heading south past the new 31st street marina which is incredibly quite a short ride from Burnham Harbor in Chicago. I wanted to see how things were coming along and take some pictures of how they were building the breakwall. It was a great day for pictures. They seemed to be building the wall to this new 1300+ Chicago marina in three stages. Small gravel, larger boulders, and then huge stone blocks of sorts. The wall extends out about a 1/4 mile into the lake and then heads south to make an opening for the boats to enter and leave. Check out the pictures!

July 16 Trip to the Gary Air Show

We set out to figure out why our starboard engine would not run figuring that we'd figure it all out along the way... No dice. We ended up doing the whole entire trip from start to finish all on one single engine. The port... After the trip it was determined that one of our racor fuel filters was clogged. And for good reason... In any case, it was a very enjoyable trip and we had fun!

Coast Guard Festival Trip - Lost Pictures & videos

The Kids sitting on the dash

Here are the long lost pictures from our trip last summer on our way to St Joe Michigan for the night before we went on to Grand Haven for the rest of the week. This was the most calm water we'd ever seen out on the lake. Not even a ripple in the middle of the lake.

Shipping a 560 Carver Chicago to Arizona

This 2004 Carver 560 Voyager was bought from SkipperBud's in Chicago and then shipped to Page Arizona! Someone told me this couldn't be done without major hassle and risk. Good news is, they were wrong. She arrived safely and now we know, it can be done! Courtesy of Kevin McNally Call me if you might like info as to how you can take part in a similar adventure: 815-403-8718

2010 Annual Grand Haven Coast Guard Fest Week

Here's the pictures from our trip to the 2010 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. We missed it last year but happened to make it part of a port hopping trip. We had several set backs but made it back after a bunch of bumps and bruises...

Boating in Chicago

Another fabulous weekend in Chicago with friends on the boat. Had a great time with everyone. Check out the pics and videos. I hope you enjoy them.

Start of Season 2010 - Back in the Water!!! Yahoo!

Boy, what a weekend! The boat was scheduled to go in the water on Friday Morning at 9:00 am so I got up at 4:00 am, went to the marina, changed the (wrong) batteries, launched the boat, tried jumping, boosting, and bypass the battery to make it crank to finding the right battery, changing it, starting (both) engines, moving to the dock, cleaning up things, went home for a birthday dinner, went back to the boat to keep cleaning it, driving to chicago, lunch on the river, the long way to the marina down the chicago river to the cal sag channel, and finaly to the new home for the summer! It's going to be an awesome year!!!

Longboat Key Marina & Bay Waters Behind the island

Here are some pictures from a quick trip out to Longboat Key Marina. From what I know of it, this is a dockominium marina. I looked up prices and found them to cost between 130-160k for a 45-60 foot dockage. Saw some really cool boats in here. The blue one belongs to some florida senator vern something with a 110 foot broward. NICE!

Cool Truck and Boat Combo

Here's a really cool truck and trailer combo that I saw in a rest stop!

Blakey island marina 2008

we have a favorite island to go too...it's incredibly serene and quiet....the marina is small but incredibly protected...and the sunsets are one that has to be experienced ...no photo can do them justice.. Steve


one of our vacations for 2009 with the new Bayliner 340...all the way from Everett to Nanaimo BC then back south to thetis island..montegue harbor, brentwood bay marina bc and finally down to Roche Harbor in the san juan islands.....roche harbor was the best....plenty to do..top notch service and great service from the marina staff...

Labor Day Going to Chicago in the Dinghy

It was Labor Day, after a busy weekend, I decided to take the dinghy to Chicago to have some time on the water. Luckily my daughter Ellie wanted to come along to help and keep me company. We had a great time and went from the Western Avenue boat launch all the way to the Chicago Lock and back. We left the house at 3:30 and was home by 8:00pm. Great Day!!!

Spring Break 2009 Trip Pictures

On our trip to Ft. Myers Florida I had the opportunity to go out on a relatives Four Winns 25th Anniversary 240 cabin cruiser for the day. I'm actually going to be going again tomorrow as well. In any case, we went around the northern tip of Ft. Myers Beach and then all the way to the south end of the island and back to where his marina was. We then went over to sanibel marina on Sanibel Island to poke around there for a little bit before heading home. There are just so many little places to hopping around to!

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival 2003

This was in our recently restored (by me) Starcraft CSS181 bow rider boat. It was one of our first trips to anywhere in the boat. We took it there by car and then launched it at a nearby boat launch. It had a points problem and also a distributor shaft problem. The shaft was broken! If you reved the engine too quick or hit a bump it would not rotate with the engine and sputtered! Still we had fun, I mean it was a boat!!!

The 2008 Chicago Air & Water Show

This is the Chicago Air and Water Show as seen from the DotComd Guy and Family Boat. We took our boat down on Friday evening arriving in Chicago by about 9:30 pm and left to go back at around 8:00 pm on Sunday after the show. Saturday was a bit "rocky" so some of our crew felt like they were getting a bit sick. So we headed back into Belmont harbor for some protection from the idiots going fast amongs us boats anchored in the lake. Some people can be so inconsiderate! Check out the pics, and enjoy! It was a great show! My hats off to my fellow men in uniform!

2008 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

Avanti Running on Plane on the trip Home

We spent a week in Grand Haven for the 2008 Coast Guard Festival. What a blast! More info to come. For now, just check out the pictures. You must be a registered user to view these pictures.

Florida trip to Lake Okechobee and Ship Shape TV

In this album I took a trip by car from where I was staying with family in Ft. Myers Florida to Stuart Florida. I was headed to the marina where they shoot the Ship Shape TV shows. These are the pics from that trip. I also took some pictures of sights along the way.

2855 First trip to Chicago with Jim and Jim

Here was my first trip using my new/used 1996 Bayliner 2855 st after I first got it in 2005. We went from North Point Marina to Downtown Chicago through the locks to have lunch on the river and then to go back to NPM.

1996 Bayliner 2855 ST

Here is a short run to Kenosha and back to North Point Marina. We were running near one of our dockmates on this trip. This is always a great thing to do with other boaters when going places. Take your camera and give it to a fellow boater, and get his/hers as well. It's a great thing to have pics of your own boat running wide open on the water.

39 Photo Galleries

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