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Welcome to the Hot Boat Deals Photo Gallery

This photo gallery system was created so that our members could post online their own pictures and organize them into Albums. Each picture can have it's own security settings to control who can see your pictures. Your pictures can also each have it's own title and description to help allow people to search for your pictures using the search form at the top center of every page.

Boat Recomissioning

Bayliner Avanti Improvment pics 2015

I have spent most weekends this winter working on the upkeep and finish of my boat. I went over the whole boat with Meguires Diamond Cut 2.0 85 and followed that up with two coats of Carnuba wax thanks to my friends Dan, Jerry and Clarke... Thanks guys!

2011 Dotcomd Guy Boat Recommissioning

Here's the boat as it came out of the shrink wrap and all the way to the slip over a span of two very short days forth of july weekend! I'm so glad to be back in the water!!! YAY!!

New Marina Shopping for 2010

New Marina shopping pictures... And then a couple weeks later going to the old marina to hug my boat and see if the shrink wrap held...

2009 Spring Commissioning

1998 Bayliner Avanti getting prepped

It's 2009 and time to get the boat ready for another summer of fun in Kenosha Wisconsin. It was all wrapped up in the shrink wrap when I got there. I had to cut through it all with a knife and then remove all the shrink tape they had used all over the place! It did the job however. I only had a broken running light and a broken antenna. Boy it was dirty. Here it is cleaned and polished from the rubrail and down.

Went to hug my boat

1998 bayliner avanti 4085 eu Shrinkwrapped

Went to check out how my boat was doing. I hadn't seen it since November... It is a 1998 bayliner avanti 4085 in kenosha wisconsin at south port marina in winter storage shrink wrapped. I hadn't seen it since that cold winter november day.

1998 Avanti 4085 eu 2008 Launch

Here is our 1998 Avanti 4085 EU going back in for the summer 2008 season! I've got pics and video of it going back into the water. This was a great day! The only problem was that the motors wouldn't stay running once it got back in.... OOPS! I forgot to turn the feul valves back on! I never turned them off so I didn't know that the guy who winterized the engines turned them all off.

2008 Spring Cleaning of Avanti 4085

Here I am Cleaning the boat for the new year. Also I polished the freeboard since it's so hard to do from the water or dinghy.

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