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Welcome to the Hot Boat Deals Photo Gallery

This photo gallery system was created so that our members could post online their own pictures and organize them into Albums. Each picture can have it's own security settings to control who can see your pictures. Your pictures can also each have it's own title and description to help allow people to search for your pictures using the search form at the top center of every page.

Boat Restoration Projects

1998 Bayliner Avanti 40 Express HARDTOP!!!

I the last year, I created a carbon fiber/kevlar/ fiberglass hard top for my boat/yacht. It's blue in color and and is styled to mach the boat. See what you think?

1974 Glastron Carlson CV16

This boat I purchased so that I could template the seats of a Glastron Carlson CV16 to duplicate the size, height, and dimensions of the stock seats in a Glastron Carlson CV16 boat. I already had another cv16 and a GT 150 but the one I had came with no seats and the GT150 was just different enough so that it wouldn't fit. So this puts me up to 4 boats currently...

1975 Glastron Carlson GT150

This is my 1975 Glastron Carlson which I rescued from the garbage dump which a guy I found on Facebook only wanted the trailer which came with this boat to upgrade his fishing trailer. The boat really looked terrible when i picked it up. But simply after washing it for about 45 minutes this is what it looked like. The boat is going to need another motor, floor, and interior as well as a really good buff and possibly wet sand. I'll add more pictures as the project continues.

1972 Glastron Carlson Restoration Project

Late last summer my buddy and I found this 1972 Glastron Carlson CV16GT for sale online and got all excited. The boat was listed as a solid, good running, glastron. After a few days time waiting to hear back from the seller, he called and we made a deal for $1300 understanding that it had a solid floor, transom, steering working, engine starting on it's own and running... ... Well, that's not what I found when I got there. Engine only started on ether, floor wasn't even attached under the GLUED carpet, transom was shedding fragments of wood into the bilge... It was a mess. However, the shell of the boat... The actual boat fiberglass was still in good shape. So I've always wanted to restore a boat like this to it's former glory. So a deal was cut for a lower price and a project ensued.. These are the pictures of said project... As it still continues...

1972 Glastron Carlson CV16GT

1972 Glastron Carlson CV16GT Great 007 Bond Boat!!! $500.00

1970 Duo Mystry restoration

This is a 1970 Duo Mystry Restoration project that I have been working on.

Replacement Canvas Boat Cover

Here are most of the pictures I've found of my eisenglass / bimini top / cockpit enclosure. I've compiled this group of pictures so that the company I've chosen to redo my eisenglass enclosure with an all canvas set can see how it used to be and how it all went together. We are changing things just a bit and trying to make it all more water tight with things like overlapped velcro over zipper seams. I'm also hoping to make a screen set. This way I can arrive, remove the canvas pieces with screen pieces to get the air circulation hopefully without the bugs.

1984 Starcraft CSS 181

THis is my old Starcraft which I bought from a guy where I went to college. This was designed by Art Carlson which is the guy who made all those gorgeous little boats for Glastron. You've seen lots of them in the James Bond flick's over the years.

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